Saturn Bowl & Cup

homeware with intention

The slow moving karmic planet takes 30 years to rotate around the Sun. Saturn represents discipline and structure. It is here to channel the restrictions you impose on yourself, to help you gain the knowledge and strength to remove them. 

Be grateful for the food in your bowl, the drink in your cup. 

Do not eat without awareness of how fortunate you truly are. Feed your body, mind and soul.

Each piece hand made on a pottery wheel using locally sourced stoneware clay from Valhalla Seattle. Glazed in matte alabastar white.


            CUP LOVE

For the love of Wabi-sabi. A perfect accident discovered when accidentally over firing a low fire clay. These checkers are a result of the low fire clay painted on a high fire stoneware - causing an embossed, plaster-like texture. Each pattern hand painted and unique on a wheel thrown cylinder. 


Elegant & Timeless ~ Top Seller 

The curvy amphora welcomes your space with open arms. Each handle sculpted on the wheel and curved by hand. Perfect dressed up with flowers or a statement on its own. 

Curvy, irregularly shaped items lift the spirits by charging the water element in your space, bringing you calm, sweet serenity. 



B A N A N A 


Artificial Fruit but make it functional.


Made of high fire stone ware and sculpted by hand, inspired by still life paintings.


Each banana & chili is made with a flat bottom in order to stand upright. It is able to hold water and flowers without tipping over.  

Coated bright and glossy to lift your mood instantly. 

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